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Collection: Chesapeake Bay Oyster Cuff Bracelets

Our beautiful Oyster Cuff Bracelets are true one-of-a-kind statement pieces showing off the art from nature!  Our oyster shells are selected one by one off the shores of the Chesapeake Bay.  Each shell is unique in their natural colors as a result of the oyster shells having been buried in sediment for many years. All of our shells are dug up and never sourced from farm raised shells or recently shucked oysters.  Each shell after found is cleaned and sealed and sometimes depending on their natural colors, are outlined in gold gilding. We then permanently attach the shells to a base metal cuff in either silver or gold depending on the color of the oyster shell.  Each bracelet is fully adjustable and meant to be worn not on the wrist but a little further up the forearm. Each bracelet is beautifully packaged with "the story" told on each package and is ready for gift-giving.
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