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Collection: Home Fragrance Reed Diffusers

Have you ever tried home fragrance reed diffusers?  Many people have not and others who have were disappointed with the high cost, artificial fragrance and the high rate of which the fragrance oil evaporated.  We developed our fragrance reed diffusers ourselves after many months of testing due to us not being able to find high quality, reasonably priced home fragranced reed diffusers to sell in our own brick & mortar shop!  Today, our line of French Pearl home fragrance reed diffusers are our No. 1 selling brand and category (in units) in our shop! 

For those who want to fill their space with a beautiful fragrance 24/7 but prefer not to light candles -- reed diffusers are the solution!  Not only do they smell good...they look beautiful as decor!  Sit one on top a stack of books, on a tray, on a bookshelf, in the kitchen, bathroom or guest room.  They add simple elegance...and fragrance to any room. 

Our fragranced reed diffusers are infused with natural essential oils and do NOT contain any alcohol, phthalates, toxins or any other hazardous chemicals.  We do not add any 'cheap' fillers to our diffusers which allows our diffusers to last 6+ months. Furthermore, they are vegan and cruelty free!

Each diffuser is sold by weight (not volume) and are 3.5 oz each, poured in a 4 oz. reusable glass bottle.  Our bottles are simple and elegant and you can insert reeds in to the bottle and it will look beautiful! Sold separately, our reeds are high quality reeds that absorb the fragrance oil and dispense the fragrance in to the air.  

Upon opening your French Pearl bottle of fragranced reed diffuser oil; insert all 8 reeds and allow the beautiful fragrance to travel up the channels of the reeds which may take a day or two. If your French Pearl fragrance reed diffuser is too strong; simply remove a couple of the reeds from the bottle. Important -- make sure you do this over a sink and not over furniture as the oil can damage furniture. Eventually, the reeds will clog (or be saturated, no longer allowing the fragrance oil to travel up the channels in the reeds (long before the oil runs out). It is best that you then, insert fresh reeds in to the bottle. We recommend inserting fresh reeds every 6 to 8 weeks.  

All of our fragranced reed diffusers have been tried, tested and true for performance and the fragrances we offer are the ones that have past the test of our own customers in our shop!  We use our shop as a test market to determine which fragrances our customers like the most and discontinue the ones that are slower to sell. We have all the testers in the shop and we love hearing comments from customers who smell them.  And we are always coming out with new fragrance blends, after rigorous testing and test marketing in the shop.

  • 3.5 oz. by weight in a 4 oz. clear glass recyclable bottle
  • reeds are sold separately 
  • no additional packaging avoids unnecessary waste
  • infused with essential oils
  • contain NO harmful chemicals, DPG or alcohol
  • vegan and cruelty free
  • lasts 6+ months (we recommend safely disposing of the oil after 8 months)



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