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Our Story

Our story is simple.  We have owned a brick & mortar storefront for almost 5 years now and were frustrated with the quality and performance (and lack of transparency) from most of the candle and diffuser companies from which we were ordering to sell in our shop. So our goal was to develop our own line of home fragrances that only contained safe ingredients and products that preformed to our's and our customer's expectations.  

Long story short, we first started with home fragranced reed diffusers which after a lot of testing; expanded the brand to include both candles and soaps.  Because of our love of oysters and pearls...we started to include items that are pearl and/or oyster related.  One of these items is our Oyster Art which are made from painted by nature oyster shells found on the shores of The Chesapeake Bay (where we produce all of our diffusers, soaps, candles).  These oysters are natural and naturally discovered (not farm raised nor shucked shells from oyster shucking houses) and each one is one-of-a-kind and very unique.  Each oyster is truly a piece of art!

Our production facilities are based on Gwynn's Island, VA which is also known as "the pearl of The Chesapeake" -- we couldn't agree more!