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Collection: Oyster Art from The Chesapeake Bay

These beautifully colored oysters were found on a private island within the famous Chesapeake Bay.  Each one is a true work of art by nature and are one-of-a-kind!  Each one comes with a certificate of authenticity and all mounted oysters are signed and numbered.

Our oysters are hand-selected, cleaned and sealed for protection. We find every shell ourselves one by one.  We do not use farm raised oyster shells or shells acquired from oyster shucking houses. And ONLY the outer edges of the oysters (only when noted) have been embellished in gold to enhance their natural artistic beauty.  All other colorings are 100% natural and are the result of these oysters being buried in sediment for often times hundreds of years (sometimes thousands if they are fossilized). 

Prices of our oyster art are based on the size and type of canvas or mounting board, if canvas or mounting board is painted or not, numbers of oyster shells used and most importantly; the age and uniqueness of the colors on the shells. 

Oyster shell ornaments are also available and again; each one we use are hand-selected from the shores of The Chesapeake Bay.  Prices are based on size and uniqueness of each naturally painted oyster.

Oysters shown are exactly the oyster(s) you will receive because each one is so special!

We are committed to oyster restoration in The Chesapeake Bay and for every one oyster shell we remove from the bay; we add two live oysters back in to the bay!


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